Monday, August 29, 2016

Special Feature: "The Ice Gnomes" by the Editor

The Ice Gnomes
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

Their hidden world is cold and crystal-lined
and powder of the purest white is heaped
in places into dune-drifts by the wind
invisible and in old magic steeped
an ocean though unseen apparent e’er
due to its sculpting of their world so fair.
There dwell the ice gnomes with their hoarfrost manes   
and eyes of glacial water piercing cold
who fashion castles of ice windowpanes
with spires of snowflakes woven with white gold
that swim within the sea of icy air
the light of sun and moon refracting there:
Auroras burst and rainbows blossom bright
as colors flood their world of frozen white.

Poet's Notes:  Sometimes structures occur naturally that appear to be manmade, or made by some intelligent design.  It is fun to fantasize that perhaps the sidhe, gnomes, or fairies are the creators of these fascinating phenomena.

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