Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Special Feature: "Flatland: Variations on a Ballad, Part III" by the Editor

Flatland:  Variations on a Ballad
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

Cold mountain
dressed in snow
my eagle’s scream
echoes in your wind

through icy air
around your crags.
I am a wolf
with eagle’s beak.

With grizzly, bare arms I hug you.
With twisted, foot roots I hold on.
My blood flows,
warming my body,

then I awaken
flattened on a bed of blades.
Plaintively I cry in pain.
My spirit fades.

Poet's Notes:  Part III retains the four-line stanzas of the traditional ballad form but not much else, save for a Dickinson-like end-line assonance and hard end-line rhyme in the final stanza.  The theme of the original is still recognizable, as is the animal imagery.

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