Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Special Feature: "Flatland: Variations on a Ballad, Part II" by the Editor

Flatland:  Variations on a Ballad
Steven Wittenberg Gordon


Mountain tall and cold
dressed in winter snow,
I stand on you and feel your wind.
My eagle’s scream echoes

through the icy air
that surrounds your craggy peaks.
I am a wolf-were
though with an eagle’s beak.

With grizzly bear arms I hug you.
Roots spring out of my feet.
My blood flows deep and swiftly through
my body, warming it.

But I dream.  I dwell upon a plain--
A plain plane--
A vast flat bed of blades
stabs at my soul.  My spirit fades.

Poet's Notes:  Compared to Part I, Part II trades hard end-line rhymes for consonance.  Still a ballad, but just a bit less traditional, more modern.

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