Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Poem of the Day: "Thumbtacks & Footnotes" by David Pring-Mill, Frequent Contributor

Thumbtacks & Footnotes
David Pring-Mill

Now let us pay tribute
to thumbtacks and footnotes!
Posted and postponed,
these details of dreams
exist, in adjunct form.

with notes transcending
the transcendent!
Thumbtacks of plastic,
thumbtacks of steel,
thumbtacks of nickel and tin,
with little handles, domed, flat,
spherical, cylindrical,
all engineered
under the premise
that knowledge must be stabbed.

Impressionable cork
executes such brutal justice.
But there is redemption here:
Information embedded
into matter,
away from the lures
of digital nothingness,
held up with the sharpness
and reality
of one tiny spike
that could draw
blood from thumbs.

And the dreaded footnote
functions in the same respect.
An afterthought,
for the bigger thought.
The bigger thought
is conceived originally,
or in conjunction.
The bigger thought
is granted eminence,
and structure,
yet is by some measure
requiring greater context
and detail.
There is a weakness underlying
its importance;
or an enhancement
to be had.

The greatest of literature
transforms behavior,
and so with care and dignity,
the footnote presides
in its lower margins.
Ignored, by most,
to a different font and space.

Poet's Notes:  I enjoy searching for poetry and amusement in unexpected places. "Thumbtacks & Footnotes" came out of that ongoing quest.

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