Thursday, August 4, 2016

August is Contest Run-up Month for Songs of Eretz

Dear Friends of Eretz,

The Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest will begin September 1 and end October 15 this year.  THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CASH PRIZE and publication in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.  Both unpublished work and previously published work (reprints) will be accepted.  Follow this link to view the Contest Guidelines:  

As a run-up to the contest, every weekday for the rest of August the Review will feature a poem by Contest Judge Former Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and a poem by the Editor in addition to a Poem of the Day.  By doing so, it is hoped that those interested in tailoring their contest submissions to the styles and tastes of the Contest Judge and Editor will have ample opportunity to examine the poetry of the Judge and the poetry and preferences of the Editor.

Can't wait to enter the contest? Early entries (entries received before September 1) WILL be honored.  However, early entries will not receive a response before September 1.

The annual contest is the only fundraiser for Songs of Eretz and is your opportunity to offer your financial support for our e-zine and our mission.  In return, the Editor will read and provide personal feedback for every single poem that is entered--from a few kind words to a mini-critique.  The award of a one thousand dollar cash prize will be given to recognize one outstanding poet, and offers for publication in the Review will honor several more.  Those rare honors notwithstanding, it is hoped that all contestants will feel good about receiving editorial feedback on their work and for supporting the unique offerings and mission of Songs of Eretz regardless of whether they win or lose.

Unlike other contest venues, the Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest accepts both unpublished work and reprints.  Furthermore, entries are responded to on a rolling basis--we do not wait until the end of the contest to respond--so enter early and enter often!  The Editor looks forward to reading your poems, and Caryn looks forward to reading those that make the finals.

Kind regards,
Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, PhD
Contest Judge

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