Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Poem of the Day: "Tell Me Your Name" by John Reinhart, Frequent Contributor

Tell Me Your Name
John Reinhart

written in vapors
on mirrors
in unending hallways
where suns never blossom,
your name reminds
the silence of nothing

like yoghurt squeezed
through the nets
of kingfisher nests
left neglected, straining
against nightmares
written by daylight
inside glass jars that reverberate
platitudes forgotten
by friends swimming upstream,
catching stars in their teeth

between the rhyme
of your unspoken birth,
where do you stand
when frost breath forms
your name in the shape
of lip meeting lip,
whispers cut from the smoke
of a thousand funeral pyres
when you forget your actions
in the whirlwind of your soul
& the last connection
was the first – sense of warmth,
sense of arrival, embraced
by time’s gentle hands,
spelling everything

Poet's Notes:  We move through life shadows of our selves, squeaking out portraits on bathroom mirrors, blowing smoke rings to capture yet more nebulous imaginations of what we might become. Looking back, it's all one great show, one great illusion, one great becoming that always is. And when the moons collide, the tides will rise up together in one brilliant wave goodbye. All we leave behind is our names, scrawled in rivulets, eddying endlessly into oceans.

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