Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Winter's Hand" by Sierra July, Frequent Contributor

Winter's Hand
Sierra July

Petals curled and withered at his touch
Shrinking away from his cool fingertips
His heart grew cold too as he cursed his hands
For he was lonely enough to break
Isolated as an ice block at sea
Not just in winter, even in spring

One day he did crack, shattered to bits
So full he was of bitter regret
If only he'd known, that the flowers would
Be drawn near by the warm breath of a kiss

Poet's Notes: This poem is something I thought up when thinking of Jack Frost. I wanted to take a common legend and change up his story a bit, make his already sad tale even more tragic. At first I was going to make the setting a traditional winter scene, but decided the contradictory warmth of spring made things more remorseful. Hopefully I succeeded in bringing on this sentiment.

Editor's Note:  Although many places have already been experiencing winter weather, today, December 21, actually marks the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere this year.

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