Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Fifth Day of Christmoose by the Editor, Part 5 of 12

But as they neared the bank, their speed decreased,
And our young moose did open up his eyes,
For Atay had the braking lever squeezed,
And soon excited shouts gave way to sighs.
As Atay with great skill the sleigh did slow,
‘Twas clear they would not hit the bank of snow.

And when at last the sleigh its motion stopped,
And the sweet jingle of the sleigh bells ceased,
The moose upon the snow beside them dropped,
And Atay from his hand the brake released.
The boy, whose arms around the ape he’d flung,
Still for a little to him tightly clung.

At last, young Jason did let go his grip
And flopped beside the moose upon the snow.
“Oh, my!  That was a most exciting trip!”
The boy exclaimed.  “How fast we three did go!
And look how far!  My house is miles away.
What think you, moose?  And you, my good Atay?”

“‘Twas simply grand!  A thrilling, ripping ride!”
The ape opined to his excited friend.
“A brilliant notion, building this great slide.
I must say I enjoyed it to the end.
Were’t not for that great bank of snowy flake
I never would have thought to use the brake.”

Editor's Note:  The adventures of the boy and his friends will continue in tomorrow's edition of Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.

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