Friday, December 30, 2016

The Sixth Day of Christmoose by the Editor, Part 6 of 12

The while our goodly moose stared at the sky
With hair all on its ends and mouth agape.
Then after a most long and heavy sigh
Did through his moosey mouth so soft escape,
Upon the moose’s face there spread a smile
As the young boy and ape watched all the while.

“Oh that was fun and most assuredly,”
Said Adirondack once his voice he found.
“My doubts about this storm do curĂ©d be.
How glad am I there’s snow upon the ground.
Let’s back unto the mountain quickly run
So that we may repeat our snowy fun!”

And this they did, and did, and did, and did,
Each ride a full unique and varied sort.
Some slowly slalomed, some straight slickly slid
All thanks to Atay’s skill at this fine sport.
And thus our trio did enjoy their game
And only thought to stop when twilight came.

“Alas!  The sun is setting in the west,”
Atay the ape observed to moose and boy.
“Methinks that now it would be for the best
To cease our sliding that we so enjoy
And to young Jason’s happy home retire
Before the red sun’s rays do quite expire.”

And so to Jason’s house the three did go
And in the welcome warmth within its walls,
They cozy made themselves out of the snow,
Each wrapped in one of Jason’s wooly shawls.
And after cocoa hot and cider mulled,
Moose, ape, and boy to sleep were softly lulled.

Editor's Note:  Thus ends "A Fall of Snow."  Another adventure of young Jason and his friends will begin in tomorrow's special edition of Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.

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