Monday, December 26, 2016

The Second Day of Christmoose by the Editor, Part 2 of 12

“About your nap, I must apologize,
For normally I know when it you take,
But the sweet sun is blotted from the skies.
This storm!  Impossible how it doth make
For me to understand the time of day
As you taught me of time to tell the way.

“I’ve come to ask you what is to be done
Now that the snow has covered all the ground?
I’d planned to jump in leaves from noon ‘till one,
But now there are no leaves here to be found.
I am a moose befuddled and confused
And at a loss how now to be amused.”

For moose, you see, have but a single aim:
They live to party and themselves divert.
For to a moose, to live is but a game
And ev’ry meal is but a big dessert.
So you must see young Adirondack’s plight
And his high hope the ape would set things right.

And so, the ape of mindly might began
To stroke his chin with one large, furry hand,
While pondering as only wise ones can
How to amuse a moose on snowy land?
Then after sev’ral moments of deep thought
The ape found the solution that he sought.

“I know what we must do, my antlered friend,
As an alternative to leafy whims.
Your disenchantment is about to end,
For I, Atay the Ape, the Lord of Sims,
Know what to do.  The snow can be quite fun,
But first we must to Jason’s swiftly run.”

Editor’s Note:  The story of the moose and ape will continue in tomorrow’s edition of Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.

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