Sunday, March 15, 2015

Poetry Review Special Feature: Current Events Poetry: "Deleted 'Personal' Email" by the Editor

Deleted “Personal” Email

I’m sure you’ll be safe
in your compound, Chris.
Keep away from the windows
and don’t go outside LOL.
Official word is that those
are NOT Islamist militants
but peaceful Muslims
rightfully upset
about some video
that depicted Mohammad.
In fact, let’s avoid any reference
to “Islamist” or “militants” K? 

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, Editor

Editor's Note and Call for Submissions:  I give credit to Timothy Green, the editor of Rattle, for the idea to showcase poetry inspired by current events, a feature he calls "Poets Respond"  I have decided to do the same thing here at Songs of Eretz in special features that I have dubbed "Current Events Poetry."  

Those interested in being considered for a "Current Events Poetry" feature should submit poems based on current events of the current week by midnight of the Friday of the week in question.  The poem or poems found worthy will be published the following week.  Links to the references of the inspiring events should be included.

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