Thursday, March 12, 2015

Poem of the Day: “I Surrender To The Tradition” by Pijush Kanti Deb

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “I Surrender To The Tradition” by Pijush Kanti Deb.  Mr. Deb is an Indian poet with over 200 poems published or forthcoming in over fifty serials throughout the world, including:  Down in the Dirt, Tajmahal Review, Pennine Ink, Hollow Publishing, Creativica Magazine, and Muse India.  His first published poetry collection, Beneath The Shadow Of A White Pigeon (Hollow Publishing), is available from here:

I Surrender To The Tradition
Pijush Kanti Deb

At last, I surrender to the tradition
to live a blissful  life
exiling my masculinity-
the culprit of all bitter clashes
to my underarm
and start enjoying the magic
that ensnares my sky, my land
and my beloved belongings
to start dancing and singing around me;
my logical babbling,
rough and tough attitude
and “Do or die’’-the powerful hymn
start sneaking from my orbit.
The people,
sad, disturbed, angry and zealous,
owing to my free and harsh masculinity,
start reverse marching to their origin.
The needless eyes
may shut their windows down
yet they witness
the smiling faces, appreciating lips
and helping hands-
ever-ready for nurturing  my new born happiness.
The compromised heart
buys hundreds of charismatic worlds
in exchange for only one-the dogmatic masculinity.

Poet’s Comment:  A poem is always found standing outstretching its arms and waiting for some burnt in the flame of earthly illusion to embrace with love and affection.

Editor’s Notes:  There is a certain freeing feeling to this poem, a kind of quiet joy.  I confess that I do not understand the entire poem completely, but the emotional language really sings to me.

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