Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From the Editor: Blog Offering Update

Dear Friends of Eretz,

It has been my pleasure to bring you daily reviews of the offerings from Poet.org's Poem-A-Day for well over a year.  However, I have noticed that the offerings are skewed toward poets who are female, members of racial minorities, liberals, homosexuals, or even all of these.  Not that there is anything wrong with that--far from it.  Good poetry is good poetry.  Nevertheless, good though most of the poetry has been from this one source, in part due to its obvious bias, daily reviews from this one source have grown increasingly tiresome for me to write and, I daresay, probably for many of you to read.

While I may still from time to time review selected offerings from Poem-A-Day, I have decided to continue the one review a day format, but with poetry selected by me from other sources.  It is my hope that this new approach will lead to a new, recognizable flavor for Songs of Eretz, and a more balanced presentation of my daily poetry reviews.

As always, particularly during the early stages of this transition, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Kindest regards,

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

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