Monday, March 27, 2017

"Words Unspoken" by Sierra July, Frequent Contributor

Words Unspoken
Sierra july

His heart was made of metal
And, thus, he couldn't bleed
Unbeknownst to his makers
He was still able to read
Other worlds and living souls
Came alive through ink and page
Over time his solid core expanded
Into a vessel where feeling could grow

Though he could read
He couldn't speak
What was in that metal heart
None would ever know

Poet's Notes: This is a tale of a robot, made to be intelligent, but still surpasses his creators' expectations. The sad thing is that no one will know how great his metallic brain works or that he has emotions in his mechanical heart because he can't speak his mind. I thought of this one after hearing about some robots that were created for one purpose and are excelling at another, as if they learned a new task; a bit of a scary thought, but amazing nonetheless.

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