Thursday, March 23, 2017

"The Bard" by Terri Lynn Cummings, Frequent Contributor

The Bard
Terri Lynn Cummings
Desk lures fingers
to keys of perception
Urges me to open blinds

invite a row of pear trees
into the room, blossoms
sweetened with renewal

Mary Oliver’s words
… They save me; and daily *
embrace us

with grace and grit
resist wind and ice
from storms

Loyal limbs bend
or break and grow back
reach for the sky and sing

an ode to Nature.
Life swirls in rings
of struggle and survival

seasoned by generations
I am still here

When I am Among Trees, by Mary Oliver.

Poet’s Notes:  “The Bard” bloomed from a writing exercise in poetry group. My colleague and I had just read “The Poet” in The Lives of the Heart by Jane Hirshfield. We decided to visualize the place where we normally wrote poetry, incorporate poetic devices such as the five senses, choose words and phrases from magazines, and so on. When I thought of the window over my desk, the daily scenes, the onset of fall, this poem sprang from the pen. 

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