Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of Gotrek & Felix: Daemonslayer by William King

Gotrek & Felix:  Daemonslayer by William King (from the First Omnibus edition, Black Library, a Warhammer novel, 1999) is the third book in the series of the adventures of Gotrek Gurnisson the dwarf and his human companion Felix Jaeger the poet-warrior.  King owes much to Tolkien in regards to his treatment of dwarves (or "dwarfs," as King calls them) as well as his treatment of the "boss level" daemon that is practically a carbon copy of the great master's balrog.

This book is hardly highbrow epic swords and sorcery.  The characters are one-dimensional clich├ęs, the fight scenes contain such descriptions of blow-by-blow gore as to be almost silly, the setting is basically a middle earth retread, and the writing at times is so bad as to be funny.  However, the pacing is excellent, and, while the direction of the story is predictable, certain elements of the plot are creative and original.  I am ashamed to admit that I enjoyed reading the book immensely.  I'll call it a guilty pleasure.  Forgive me, Tolkien.

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