Monday, May 26, 2014

A Memorial Day Poem: "The Grocery Bagger"

The Grocery Bagger
Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

“Happy Memorial Day,” he said
As he handed me my little flag.
“My shift has almost ended.
My whole day has been a drag.
I really cannot wait to leave,
Go home to family and friends.
We’ll drink and smoke and eat and rave
And party till the daylight ends.”

For sentiments so far misplaced
I stood and looked at him aghast
And moved two inches from his face
Then told him how I felt at last.

“Others fought and gave their lives
But you forgot their sacrifice.
Enjoy the freedom that you have.
Enjoy your unearned peace and ease.
I’m off to place my little flag
Beside my little brother’s grave.”

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