Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Observations on Human Pastimes: A Robot's Perspective" Is Published

My poem, "Observations on Human Pastimes:  A Robot's Perspective," a series of linked senryu, was published in the February 2014 print edition of Scifaikuest, Volume XI, Number 3.  Editor Teri Santitoro chose it as her "favorite poem" of the issue.

Scifaikuest is published by Alban Lake Publishing.  The print edition, which is different from the free on-line edition, may be purchased for about $6.00--see for details.

"Observations" was inspired by the work of Ross Balcom, which has appeared regularly in Songs of Eretz.  Mr. Balcom's work also appears in the same issue of Scifaikuest, as does the work of Songs of Eretz contributor Guy Belleranti.


  1. I enjoyed reading this poem in SCIFAIKUEST. We both like poking fun at robots. Let's hope they don't get the last laugh.

    1. I hear you, Ross. If the robots ever do take over, you and I (especially you) will be on their short list for extermination. Unless they have a sense of humor--that would be cool :)


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