Wednesday, November 21, 2018

"Who-Knows-Where" by Sierra July, Poet of the Week

Sierra July

White breath clouds, synchronized puffs in air
Streetlights click on, joining starlight
Mittens no good, their hands find each other
Crunch of their feet in snow
Masks their raging heartbeats
Blush powdering both faces from cold? Thrill?
Neither can guess by the shade of red
CafĂ© ahead, should they stop, warm their blood?
Knowing smiles, of one mind, both carry on
Continuing their walk who-knows-where
Content with heating their hearts instead

Poet's Notes:  Since one of my first poems was a sentimental romantic piece, I decided to make this one on a similar note. I thought of two people walking along a cold city street, and the rest of the details came later. What are they doing? Where are they heading, and why? Questions like these made this poem come together. Just as I thought of questions to get started, I decided to make a few a part of the storytelling.

Editor’s Note:  I love the way Sierra combines hot and cold in this winter romance.  

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