Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"The Longing Tree" by Aparna Sanyal

The Longing Tree
Aparna Sanyal 

Trees can be life. 
on your horns 
shedding leaves like tears 
sing sonnets of 
my careworn love. 
They carry the weight from 
the going-light
of my dimming eyes. 
Speckled along this peeling bark, 
I write 
my memories, 
so that perhaps, when you look, 
you will see me
there too. 
And when you leave this 
steepled awning of 
emerald, rust and umber, 
the stark ravens of longing that 
reside in these branches 
peck at my being, carry away 
torn bits of my soul, 
to bring 
to your side. 

Poet’s Notes:  This poem was written in response to a picture prompt—a traditional Indian Warli painting of a tree with a deer standing at its base. The leaves from the tree were shedding onto the deer’s antlers, and on the tree’s branches; birds sat looking down at the scene, a complete ecosystem in a single frame, soul-stirring in its simplicity. 

Editor's Note:  I heard Daphne, post-metamorphosis, speaking to Apollo here https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net/myths/apollo-and-daphne/.

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