Friday, November 16, 2018

"Rain of Frogs" by Ross Balcom

Rain of Frogs
Ross Balcom

"Rain of Frogs" Ink on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon
you came into my life

as a rain of frogs

a Fortean love 
anomalous and phenomenal

rain of frogs
rain of frogs

your one became many:
white bellies flashing

wet bodies falling
on my highway

smashed by cars
sliding in your guts

      (let me eat your sweet guts
      let me roll in them)

rain of frogs
rain of frogs

amphibian eyes rolling
that's the look of love

      (give me love *ribbit, ribbit*
      give me love)

rain of frogs
rain of frogs

pounding my head
rocking my brain

sweet is the rain
sweet is the rain

keep falling forever
froggies keep falling

don't ever stop

Poet's Notes:  Among the strange phenomena investigated by American writer and researcher Charles Fort (1874-1932) were falls of animals from the sky, including masses of frogs. A frog freak, I have in this poem analogized the thrill of love to a rain of frogs. The adjective "Fortean" (not a word of my invention) refers to paranormal phenomena, of which Fort wrote with great style, wit, and originality.

Editor’s Note:  Enjoy a biography of Charles Fort here  Also, apparently raining frogs is an actual thing

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