Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"Among My Scrub Oak" by Howard Stein, Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

Among My Scrub Oak       
Howard Stein      

leathery leaves
contorted branches

not much for majesty
not much for lumber

long roots for drought
long waits for rain

Oklahoma scrub oak
keep their secret
in carefully guarded rings

tell a story
of craggy defiance –
when most everything
around them dries up,
scrub oak still thrive

Poet's Notes: Weather permitting, I spend much of my daylight time out on my little front porch, smoking my pipe and writing while dwelling among the mostly Scrub Oak trees, widespread inhabitants of the region. In early fall 2017, I wrote this poem as a meditation on the remarkable resilience (and adaptation) of a tree in a largely inhospitable environment--transparently autobiographical as well.  

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