Thursday, January 4, 2018

"Places Touched by Christmas Graces" by Sierra July

Places Touched by Christmas Graces
Sierra July

Every ornament made her think of places
Imagined and visited made profound
All parts of land touched by Christmas's graces

Gold: all things the sun licked and tanned
Silver: like metal from the ground
Red: canyon dirt upon her hand
Blue: where abundant life near water is found

More radiant colors than she could name
Made her heart feel just the same

Poet's Notes: This is a poem inspired by the simple act of Christmas decorating. A lot of ornaments that go on the family tree have their meanings and memories. This poem is a story of non-specific memories evoked by the subject of places around the Earth represented by colors where people such as she may be hanging their ornaments. It's meant to capture the unity and joy for which the holidays are known. 

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