Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"The Life of Science, or Modesty" by Howard Stein, Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

The Life of Science, or Modesty
Howard Stein   

Based on my
extensive research,

I have the data;
I have published it widely
in well-respected journals.
I refer you to my book --

In all modesty I must say
that many reviewers
consider it the definitive
work in its field.

The life of science requires
an unprecedented degree
of self-abnegation.

Poet's Notes:  Over my career, I have attended many scientific conferences. Many presenters were haughty about their findings.  At one such conference a few years back, I took notes on the presenter's claims about the correctness and significance of his work. I could not believe he could be so openly contemptuous. His words found their way into my subsequent poem. All along, I remembered that in graduate school we were taught to be humble about our work. This pungent poem is my reply to the speaker's brazenness.

Editor’s Note:  Once in a while, Songs of Eretz has the privilege of publishing a poem with a message that is of the utmost importance for the world to hear.  This poem falls into that category.  We could all use a hefty dose of humility in our dealings with each other--especially in the sciences.  I only hope my humble e-zine will disseminate this poem properly as it deserves. 

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