Friday, January 5, 2018

"On Handel’s Messiah" by John C. Mannone

On Handel’s Messiah
John C. Mannone
            After Isaiah 9:6

He wept. He said he saw the face
of God as he wrote his melodies

to mimic the literal meanings, lyrics
from the scriptures themselves:

appellations of the triune godhead
attributed to the Savior’s name!

No wonder the tears of Handel
as he sang to his Messiah,

my Messiah, I sing the same libretto,
my tears mixing with his.

Poet’s Notes: Almost every time I hear Handel’s Messiah, I am drawn to tears. I suppose this poem was inevitable. 

Editor's Note:  This will be the last poem in our "Twelve Days of Christmas" series.  I hope the series helped to bring a good portion of the spirit of Christmas into the New Year.  Songs of Eretz will begin formally introducing our new Frequent Contributors with Poets of the Week features beginning next week.

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