Friday, January 26, 2018

"Whale Song" by Aparna Sanyal, Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

Whale Song
Aparna Sanyal 

Metrical, sonic beauty, their song; they are 
separated by krill, kelp, and an ocean’s longing. 
Bumps and baleen hold grey and true through
a water’s shimmery deception--
steady hearts sing their need across the traveling
warm-cold-warm currents.  
Unwavering through deceit, their twinned souls 
mate, across fields of deepest obsidian, lit by 
the bioluminescent, strobe-pulsing cheers of 
a million onlookers 
that marvel at the tenderness,
grace and fragility of these lovers, leviathan. 
They’ve swum lifetimes and use this 
divine playground to frolic away harpoon fears
and tears. 
Soon, they will be three. 
Then thus schooled, they will crest 
and dip with swells of loving foam and 
cerulean stipples. 
Around them, the waves will change, 
indigo to jade, then coruscate and break, 
create frothy jargon as they rise,
never losing their collective shape.
Sprays of joyful diamond drops will be their only tell
as they submerge and glide
ever onwards, ever seeking--
more splendent symphonies, more mellifluent 
more coupling by song-washed nights and days. 
They are fluid, gentle-- 
as the moonlit smiles of us, when we meet. 
Passionate--as the glare from our sun-bright trysting. 
Beyond our lifetimes, these giant hearts
will rule and obey the sea.

Poet’s Notes:  A documentary about whales prompted this poem. I was awestruck for the umpteenth time by the sheer grace, beauty, and pure peace of these magnificent creatures and couldn’t resist writing this ode.

Editor’s Note:  What a beautiful, lyrical piece about one of the other self-aware species that share the earth with us--and the largest portion of it, the sea.  I especially like the intra-line rhymes and the gorgeous imagery of the whales mating. 

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