Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Poem of the Day: “Demon’s Whisper: Morningstar” by Paul Edward Costa

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Demon’s Whisper:  Morningstar” by Paul Edward Costa.  Mr. Costa has previously published poetry, fiction and non-fiction in:  Timber Journal, Yesteryear Fiction, Entropy, Thrice Fiction, Emerge Literary Journal, The J.J. Outre Review, Squawk Back, The Eunoia Review, and Diaspora Dialogues' webzine Shorthand.  He also has work forthcoming in The Bookends Review.

Costa’s areas of interest are:  illusion/reality, minimalism, surrealism, genre fiction, weird fiction, the grotesque, and the absurd.  He holds a Specialized Honors BA in History and a BA in Education from York University.  He is a writer and artist member at Night and Day Studios in Brampton, Canada and teaches high school English with the Peel District School Board.

Demon’s Whisper:  Morningstar
Paul Edward Costa

The Elfsage erased daydreams
with the truth of the trees’
                                 fluttering fingertips:

In the ancient lore
of the Morningstar Groves,
(where the tallest whitewood trees
                      reach high into the sky,
                      bending in blustery winds)
elusive sprites
move with swift elegance
in the upper regions of the whitewoods
                                           where silver leafed branches grow so thin
that feet frequently fail
in their attempted ascents
                             of the delicate branches,
                             swaying like angel breath’s
                                                      many stalks
in the most vertical nether regions of the western woods
                                                            high above
    cottages and decaying Elven mansions
                                                            high above
    the tired, wandering sentinels
    and the sapphire sparkling of the forest floor
    in a realm occupied only by birds
                                     and the thoughts of quarantined Elves
    gazing up
    out the windows of cottages with smoking chimneys
    picturing in their mind’s eye
             that where patterns
             of silver leafed branches run out
    and become thin fluttering fingertips,
           the sprites with sapphire eyes leap nimbly
                       from branch to branch
                      while they spin and sometimes kiss
                      like evasive thoughts far above
                      the dangerously seductive song
of the ground.

The last prayers of those perishing
                                        from the Sapphire Plague
land like condor vultures on the shoulders of the Sprites

     before slipping off into disregard and dissolution… 

Poet’s Notes:  This poem, written with oral recitation in mind, was first read live at an open mic/gallery showing at Night and Day Studios ( in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in spring 2015. "Demon's Whisper: Morningstar" is part of a larger mythology of work; two short stories, two novellas and one other poem further explore this world. With this piece I wanted to invoke the feeling of old narrative verse sagas, but with free verse and a contemporary fragmented quality (like scraps of writings from a lost civilization).

Editor’s Note:  Costa transports me into an amazing, ethereal, mystical world of elves and sprites and a sapphire plague.  I want to hear more of the lore of this world from the Elfsage.

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