Friday, July 17, 2015

Poem of the Day: "Most Days" by Robert Lampros

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Most Days,” a debut poem by Robert Lampros.  Mr. Lampros holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Washington University and has studied Christian Ministry at Liberty University.  He lives in St. Louis. 

Most Days
Robert Lampros

Most days I wonder,
where are you from?
What world, which realm,
revolving in what
as yet unnamed galaxy?

I hear your voice
in how a bird lands,
and how a butterfly
flaps its wings, yet
I still can’t find you.

Aloft in the clouds,
within us somehow,
God’s distant kingdom
soon brings us home,

and yet, most days…

Poet’s Notes:  I wrote "Most Days" in a park where I like to take prayer walks once in a while.  There's a trail that curves up through the woods and turns into a cobblestone path which leads to a lake where people like to fish and relax.  While I was sitting on the hill a little ways up from the lake, a butterfly flew past me, and I could feel the air from its wings, and I thought that was a good way to describe holiness and how God sometimes speaks to us in the details.  The poem is also about love and the mystery of finding one's soul mate.

Editor’s Note:  It is always a privilege to be the first venue to publish the work of a new poet, but I am especially honored to present “Most Days.”  Mr. Lampros beautifully captures the feelings that even the most faithful have at times.  The evidence of God’s existence is all around us, "and yet, most days…".  The photo accompanying today's feature was taken by Mr. Lampros on the day that he composed the poem.

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