Thursday, July 9, 2015

Poem of the Day: "blackberries" by Lauren McBride, Poet of the Week

Lauren McBride

thorn in my finger
scratches on my hands
seeds in my teeth
matter not
when blackberries
melt on my tongue

Poet's Notes:  Blackberry pie, blackberry cobbler, blackberry jam, blackberries on my cereal. In the summer, my mother and I would pick quart after quart from bushes where houses now stand. She and I still pick blackberries wherever we can find them, protected by long sleeves and long pants, but with bare hands reaching. I wrote this poem to celebrate the reward despite the effort.

Editor's Note:  I love the way this poem forms a nice, juicy image.  Reminds me of the delight I find in discovering boysenberries growing wild in a park or on the road.

"blackberries" first appeared in the 2010 spring/summer issue of The Aurorean.  A brief biography of the poet may be found here:

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