Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Poetry Review Bonus Feature: "A Blue Ghazal" by the Editor

A Blue Ghazal
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

The sun’s reflected light, the sky blue and blue.
Albedo of the oceans colors fly blue and blue.

Impurities found in certain diamonds make them into sapphires
From compressed carbon not white but blue and blue.

Antarctic ice in frozen glaciers distilled from salty sea
Melt and drink it--so fresh, blue and blue.

Be not fooled by veins that carry precious blood
Blood is red and red not blue and blue

White Mountains Crowned in ice and snow and evergreens
Purple and majestic, red mixed with blue and blue.

Poet’s Note:  It is traditional for the poet to work his name into the penultimate line of a ghazal.  "Wittenberg" means “white mountains” in German.  "Steven" means “crowned” in Greek.

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