Monday, July 6, 2015

Poem of the Day: "on a leaf" by Lauren McBride, Poet of the Week

on a leaf
comparing spots

Poet's Notes: I often find inspiration when I am outdoors enjoying a walk or my garden. "on a leaf" is one of those rare poems that just popped into my head in its final form when I spied a ladybug among my flowers.

Editor's Notes: I do not usually accept haiku that do not follow a strict 5-7-5 format, but I made an exception for this little gem. The spirit of the haiku is certainly there, and I enjoy the play on "spots" (spots on the leaf, spots on the insects, the insects viewed from above appearing as spots).

"on a leaf" first appeared in the 2012 spring/summer issue of The Aurorean. A brief biography of Mrs. McBride may be found here:

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