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Songs of Eretz Poetry E-zine, May 2015, Volume 2, Issue 4, Number 11


From the Editor:

With this issue, the quarterly Songs of Eretz Poetry E-zine will be phased out in favor of the (nearly) daily Poetry Review and yearly Poetry Award Contest.  This transitional issue of the e-zine has been published in the format of the Review--each poem featured has its own, unique, searchable posting.

The e-zine archive has been removed from the site, but for those readers who enjoy perusing back issues, have no fear--most of the poems that have appeared in past issues of the e-zine will be (or have been) reprinted in the Review with the permission of the authors.  Loyal readers and contributors should not hesitate to contact me at regarding any poems from past issues of the e-zine that cannot be found in the Review.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to the poets who contributed their work to the e-zine.  Without them, these past two years of poetry and beauty would not have been possible.  I hope to hear more from them, as well as from new voices, as the Review and Contest continue the rich tradition and unique mission of Songs of Eretz.

The Climb
After years of dreaming and planning,
At last I stood before my mountain.
My route to the top was all mapped out,
My supplies and equipment ready.
Some things did not go at all as planned:
Sudden fierce storms had to be weathered,
Injuries occurred and had to heal,
And more than once I found my path blocked
And I had to find another way.
I can only imagine the pride
And sense of accomplishment I will feel
When I finally reach the summit.

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD


Table of Contents

From the Editor

"That Edge" by Christopher Hivner

"433" by Katelyn Oster

"Second Sight" & "Written in -- and to be performed on -- the style, or an approximation of the style, of Billy Collins" by Carolyn Martin 

"He Sleeps" by Ellen Denton

"Gathering" by Steven Mayoff

"South" & "Another Start on Finite Time" by Marge Simon

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