Thursday, June 19, 2014

Poetry Review Special Feature: "Prado" by David Murphy

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present "Prado," a previously unpublished poem by David Murphy.  During the past four years, Mr. Murphy's work has been widely published in various magazines and anthologies in Ireland and elsewhere, including:  The Poetry Bus, Stony Thursday Book, Revival, The Burning Bush, Cyphers, and The Shop.  Mr. Murphy is also a short story writer and novelist and has a book of non-fiction forthcoming from Dublin’s Liffey Press later in 2014.  Visit his poetry webpage at
Saturn Devouring His Son

David Murphy

When Goya painted
Saturn Devouring His Son
did he draw the blinds
in case panic-mongers
looked in the window?

Did he work from imagination
or use live models?

Blunt instruments – brushes –
kept him awake at night
along with deafness and demons.

Perhaps he worked
with child-like clarity.

Or with the single-minded
stare of a predator honing in.

Perception blank
of guilt and conscience.

Canvas engulfed in
blood-red dark of Saturn.

Editor's Note:  Ekphrastic poetry is much in vogue these days.  Most describe the painting itself.  Mr. Murphy's approach is refreshing, coming from the perspective of the painter in the process of creating a disturbing work of art.

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