Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review of "Another Country" by Ryan Teitman

"Another Country" by Ryan Teitman, a teacher at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, was offered by's Poem-A-Day on January 9, 2014.  A link to the poem, including the poet's notes, may be found here:

Mr. Teitman reveals in his notes that his poem was inspired by "The Map" by Larry Levis (1946 - 1996) (pictured).  A link to "The Map" may be found here:

Biographical information about Mr. Levis may be found here:

Mr. Teitman gives a nod to Mr. Levis in his poem's opening sentence.  The speaker, presumably the poet, uses dance as an elaborate metaphor for waiting.  The speaker's father is waiting in "another country," while the speaker and the speaker's mother do the waiting "dance" in hope of his return.

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