Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"The Day's Measure" by Mary Soon Lee

The Day's Measure
Mary Soon Lee

​If days were shorter,
would we still find time
to belittle each other?

If each day were twice as long,
would we watch the sun setting,
read extra bedtime stories to our children,
learn new languages, feed the birds,
grow more orchids, hike through fall forests,
make gingerbread houses, build snowmen,
go fishing, go to a ball game, go to Yellowstone,
call our parents, listen without interrupting,
visit the elephants at the zoo, ride a roller coaster,
watch old movies with a friend,
say yes more often?

Poet's Notes:  My days often feel too short to me, and I fondly imagine what I would do if only I had more time. I already read quite a lot, but there are so many books waiting, so many books I could love. I'd like to watch more sunsets, go on more hikes, travel more, see more of my friends, help out more, and find time for what matters most. 

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