Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Cookies" by Mary Soon Lee

Mary Soon Lee

Yesterday I ate my childhood
with chocolate chips:
one shortbread cookie
that once I would have called
a biscuit,
buttery and sweet
as the cookies
that Mrs. Latchmore sold
in the small bakery
in the small row of shops
near the house
I used to live in,
in the days when I rode home
on the blue plastic seat
of my mother's small blue car,
a white paper bag
of Mrs. Latchmore's cookies
waiting beside me,
the everyday happiness
of small treats.

Poet's Notes:​  One day, shopping for groceries, I happened to buy some chocolate chip cookies that tasted almost exactly like the cookies I'd loved most when I was little. For a moment, I was a child again. It's not always the large things that I miss--Christmas, catching the ferry to France for a family holiday. Sometimes, it's the small things: a bag of cookies; sitting in the car beside my mother. 

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