Thursday, November 30, 2017

"Cloudy Morning" by James Frederick William Rowe

Cloudy Morning
James Frederick William Rowe

Water-colour blue
Water-colour grey
Cloudy morning
You are gently brushed
On the fresh canvas
     Of the dewy sky    
     Of the waking city

Poet’s Notes:  This is a short poem that was written on the subway during the time when the F-train takes the Culver Overpass and so ascends out of the tunnels.  The "water-colour blue / water-colour grey" of the clouds struck me as particularly beautiful in the dawn light--a gentle, soft beauty that paired well with the hardly-after-sunrise timeframe. 

I wrote this within a few minutes on the subway in my notebook. The aesthetics are simple to convey the simple scene, but I think it captures the moment well as a consequence. By no means a complex poem, it nevertheless satisfies me. 

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