Monday, November 6, 2017

"Bleak to Bright" by Sierra July

Bleak to Bright
Sierra July

She was cut off from her hometown
Growing more distant at a more rapid pace
Trees flapped and bowed, dragged by the winds
Into a painful wave farewell

Her body vibrated along with the car's
But the road shock didn't faze her
Her hands were already shaking
The window reflected her image perfectly
As a raindrop streaked down its face

Her eyes flew to a rainbow spread
On the dingy sky, brightening her bleak world

Poet's Notes: This is a melancholic piece about leaving a beloved location for one less familiar. Life teaches us that these moves are sometimes necessary, but are nonetheless painful. The idea for this poem came when Hurricane Irma was looming on Florida, where I reside, and while I was praying my family and I would stay safe, I also asked that we wouldn't have to evacuate and that our homes wouldn't suffer too much damage. Though we fared well, my heart goes out to all affected by storms, earthquakes, and all other forms of devastation. 

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