Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Coffee House" by Laura Marlene

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Coffee House” by Laura Marlene, a teacher of 5th-grade mathematics in Connecticut for the past sixteen years.  Prior to launching her teaching career, she worked on and off as a writer, photographer, and art director.

Coffee House
Laura Marlene

In a blue shingled shack
At the three-way intersection
Of Sherlock Holmes
And Zippy the Pinhead.

He shuffles in to sit alone
On a rickety wooden stool by the back window
Beside a dusty, plush Siberian tiger
And white ceramic cats.

He sings with an echo of loneliness
In a whitewashed room
Searching for the friends and regulars
Who are busy this Saturday.

Where is the coffee?
That is why he keeps messing up this morning
Not that he is sober
For the first time since September.

He is good, real good - like the Big O.
A shy treasure amid cups of dark roast.
Tonight he will go home
To write the ultimate love song.

If a tree falls in the woods
And no one is there to hear it
Does it make a sound?
Only the Lonely will know.

Poet’s Notes:  The scenarios are true in all of my poems. My husband and I have the most wonderful artist friends whom we love dearly. We woke up early to visit a local coffee house in East Haddam, Connecticut to support our musician friend.  For a while, only he, my husband, and I were present to the annoyance of our friend. Eventually, more of our friends filtered into the cafe.  Still, I find it just amazing how many talented people put themselves out there on a daily basis with little to no recognition.  

Editor’s Note:  I especially like the references to Roy Orbison (pictured) who, although famous, was not as famous as he should have been due to his homely countenance, health issues, and competition from Elvis Presley. 

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