Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Thanksgiving Day Poem by the Editor

Thanksgiving:  The Real Story
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

The year was 1621 and the Pilgrims were
thankful to be alive, shooting their guns
and causing quite a stir in the wilderness
that was near the Colony on the Bay
that the Wampanoags fearing for their
friends came en mass a hundred strong
ready to fight alongside their pale cousins
but instead came upon them feasting
and making merry, shooting in celebration
of the bounty of the harvest and the land.
And so the Pilgrims upon seeing their red
comrades invited them to join the fun
and as there was not enough to feed the
extra hundred the Wampanoag Chief
dispatched some of his folk into the woods
and to the shore and they returned in
short order with venison, eels, and lobsters
by the score.  And so the two nations--
the one established and the other soon
to spread--feasted together in celebration
of family, friendship, fellowship, and food.

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