Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"No Time to Rhyme" by Lauren McBride

No Time to Rhyme
Lauren McBride

I tried to write a poem
but it wouldn't rhyme -
which I thought was a curse,
but it turns out that verse
has fallen out of favor,
and I am out of time.

Poet’s Notes: As a child, I loved rhyming poetry. I love it still. When I first started submitting poetry for publication, the number of markets that do not accept poems that rhyme surprised me. What surprised me more is that the same holds true for at least one major children's publication where I planned to send several rhyming poems, until I read that they are only in need of non-rhyming verse.  For children?  Really? It would seem that I am out of step with modern times, leading to the double meaning of my title and last line. 

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