Monday, January 18, 2016

Poem of the Day: “Age of Correction” by Kaitlyn Frazier, Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Age of Correction” by Kaitlyn Frazier, a Songs of Eretz Frequent Contributor and this week's Poet of the Week. A biography of Ms. Frazier may be found under our “About Our Editor & Frequent Contributors” heading.

Age of Correction
Kaitlyn Frazier

We seek for the truth
For the night’s far and long
For the Age of Correction is almost upon
We’ll force out the Unworthy
And repair our old throne
With our wits and our zeal
We will begin to atone.

Out with evil, the murd’rer of peace
By the hour of thy death
We will shout then we’ll cease
We’re the kindred of Spirits
And we cry all our days
And when Heavenward signals
Each one of us prays.

Poet's Notes:  This piece was influenced by a video game that I play all the time known as Skyrim; it’s the only game I really enjoy, because it has the whole medieval fantasy theme going on with dragons, forts, bards, lutes, armor, and weaponry. This reminds me of something one of the bards might sing in an inn.

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