Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmoose by the Editor, Part 11 of 12

“Halloo, Atay!” cried Jason as he sped
Along the winter snowy covered ground.
He reached his friend and stopped his sturdy sled.
“The trail you made, Atay, with ease I found.
I sought you at your house but found you not,
Then traced your snowshoe tracks right to this spot.

“But what is this?  My luck has doubled quite!
‘Tis Adirondack by that Cortland tree.
I say, good moose, oh do you feel all right?
Come out of there and have some fun with me!”
“Alas, young friend,” said ape with spirits sapped,
“In this great snowy pit our friend is trapped.”

Then Jason said to his most moosey mate,
“Fear not, my friend, we soon will find a way
To rescue you from your entrapp├ęd state.”
Then turned he to his dogs and wise Atay.
“We four now must some clever scheme devise
To hoist our antlered friend up to this rise.”

“A hoist, of course!” Atay the Ape exclaimed.
“A good idea,” well-read Abone agreed.
“That tree limb over there is rightly aimed.
What say you, Atay?  Will it meet our need?”
“It should indeed, my cranial canine.
Fear not, good moose, you’re going to be fine.”

Editor's Note:  Read the exciting and heartwarming conclusion to "The Great Rescue" in tomorrow's edition of Songs of Eretz Poetry Review!

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