Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"At the Peak of Life" by Terri Lynn Cummings, Our Newest Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

At the Peak of Life
Terri Lynn Cummings

we had climbed the tall ladder
loving a child
never intended to live
long enough

Reveled in ho-hum hours
stroked each exquisite breath
cherished the energy of life
until it fled

Moved on without judgment
like ants without purpose
ambiguous as a sigh
suspended like a traveler

on the summit
stunned by the fall
of darkness, surprised
by the dawn of survival.

Poet’s Notes:  The anniversary of our deceased son’s birthday loomed. He had departed eight years before, but his gravity pulled us toward his orbit. I wrote. I had written about him and of our loss, year after year. And each time, for a moment or two, I heard his ribboning laughter.     

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