Monday, January 2, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmoose by the Editor, Part 9 of 12

“Oh, Adirondack!  Adirondack!  Friend!
‘Tis I, Atay!” our desp’rate ape did cry.
“I’m by the Cortland tree near the grove’s end!”
Came forth the merry moose’s strong reply.
“Hoorah!  Oh, joy!” the glad gorilla sang.
Then to the Cortland apple tree he sprang.

‘Twas there Atay his antlered friend did see
A little soggy but no worse for wear
A-standing near the base of the great tree
Within the pit the moose had fashioned there.
“I see what you’ve been doing through the night.
I taught you well,” the ape said with delight.

“‘Tis true, dear ape, my engineering friend,
Your good instruction rightly did I heed.
‘Twere not for that, it would have been the end
Of my sweet life—it would have been indeed.
All night with my stout antlers did I plow
Or else for sure I would be drownéd now.”

“Relieved am I, a most relievéd ape,
To see that you this snowstorm have survived,
But now your crater you cannot escape.
It’s walls of softest snow that you’ve contrived
Will not allow you out until they thaw.
My clever plan, alas, had a great flaw.”

Editor's Note:  It looks like it may be a long winter for Adirondack the Moose!  Find out what happens in tomorrow's edition of Songs of Eretz Poetry Review!

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