Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FC Pring-Mill Has 5 Poems Published

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to announce that Frequent Contributor David Pring-Mill has recently seen five of his poems published in print venues.

His poem "That Girl in the Nightclub" appeared in Poetry Quarterly. That issue is available here:

Inwood Indiana Press published his poem "Journey Alongside a Minor Highway." The issue can be purchased here: https://prolificpress.com/bookstore/inwood-indiana-c-4/reaping-p-183.html.

"Kisses of Hope" was recently published by Dual Coast Magazine. As its title implies, it is a romantic poem and also a philosophical one. The issue that features this poem can be purchased via the following link: https://prolificpress.com/bookstore/dual-coast-magazine-c-6/dual-coast-magazine-issue-4-p-188.html.

His poem "Curious Thoughts from a Chef" can be found in the Fall 2016 issue of Poetry Quarterly. That book can be purchased here: https://prolificpress.com/bookstore/poetry-quarterly-c-1/poetry-quarterly-fall-2016-p-189.html.

Finally, his prose poem "Stars" was published in the 14th issue of Five:2:One. That issue is available here: 

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