Monday, January 23, 2017

"The Question of Travel Chit Chat" by Carol Hamilton

Former Oklahoma Poet Laureate Carol Hamilton was the Songs of Eretz Poetry Review Poet of the Month for August 2015 and the guest judge for the 2016 Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest.  She has recent and upcoming publications in: Pontiac Review, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine, Poet Lore, Limestone, Louisiana Literature, Off The Coast, Palaver, San Pedro River Review, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Hubbub, Blue Unicorn, Abbey, Main Street Rag, Two Cities Review, Poem, Tipton Poetry Review, and others. She has published seventeen books, most recently, Such Deaths from the Visual Arts Cooperative Press in Chicago.

The Question of Travel Chit Chat
Carol Hamilton    

The poet mused that perhaps
on better acquaintance
the stranger across from him
in the train carriage
she busy reading
might prove the true soulmate
moreso than the one waiting
at journey’s end

I can only assume
this imaginative traveler
keeps a firm grip
on his wise choice not to dare
a vault over the social barriers
In his state of pitiful caution

he has assured himself
a pleasant trip
with a predictable arrival
   …  illusions intact.

Poet’s Notes:  Whether or not to strike up a conversation with the new neighbor on a train or a plane.... The imagined lives we live as we visit new places, perhaps wondering how different our lives might have been if...if...if....  Imagination fuels the poet’s life, and certainly this poetic musing of another stirred my remembrance of travel fantasies. It is such fun to try out possibilities for one’s unlived lives. Then again, how can we not help but suspect that we might not just take our own selves along with us even into those charming dream worlds?

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