Thursday, December 13, 2018

"No Pen, Paper, Nor Time" by Lauren McBride, Poet of the Week

No Pen, Paper, Nor Time
Lauren McBride

This morning while mowing,
my best poem came to me.
The beat, the rhyme, each verse
in perfect symmetry.
            Soon published I would be!

Then dark rain clouds threatened.
No pen, paper, nor time!
As the grass got shorter,
So too did my new rhyme.
            Not gonna make a dime.

By noon the yard was mowed;
rushed while raindrops splattered.
Poised now at my keyboard,
but my thoughts have scattered.
            Blissful moment shattered.

Words hide when I seek them;
rhymes flee when time is free.
Yet again, failed to pen
my perfect poetry.
            Mind's blank unless I’m busy!

Poet's Notes: This lighthearted poem was written for anyone who seems to get their best ideas at the worst times. It is one of my early efforts and was indeed written while I was out mowing and a storm was brewing. But unlike the poem, I ran back to the house to get some paper.

Editor’s Note:  Ah, Lauren!  Such gentle hands as yours were not meant for the menial task of mowing!  

All joking aside, I am glad Lauren was able to remember this one.  It is a bit of a departure for her--but a most welcome and entertaining one!  I really enjoy the tight rhythm and rhyme schemes, universal sentiment, and sprinkling of ironic humor here. 

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