Saturday, December 8, 2018

"cinderella" by Larry Schug

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “cinderella” by Larry Schug.  Larry has published seven books of poetry. He is a volunteer writing tutor at the College of St. Benedict and a volunteer Naturalist at Outdoor U. at St. John's University.  He lives with his wife, dog, and two cats beside a large tamarack bog in St. Wendel Township, Minnesota.


i woke wishing i was entangled 
with a euro-trash cinderella, 
who wanted to smash  
all the glass slippers in the world
loosen the wheels and free all the horses 
of every princess-carrying coach
a girl with a stud in her nose
and a small tattoo of a spider on her shoulder
who looked like my friend danica
but with a dirty face and jet black hair
round eyes that see right into you
and sneer at all the prince charmings
and i wished we were both ragged and thin as old jeans
and wore torn army jackets as we snuck around
bleak abandoned streets 
of some post-industrial eastern european city 
maybe in czechoslovakia or poland, some dark place
so hungry our minds were clear as ice
and that at night we sheltered in a bombed-out warehouse
and were the only ones left in this city
but still afraid because of roaming packs of wild dogs
and because the night sky clouds the color of dead skin 
were lit from below by an electric glow
and we talked only with our eyes.

--Larry Schug

Poet's Notes:  Thanks, of course, to Cracker for their song "Euro-trash Girl" (see Editor’s Note).  I just took the story of Cinderella a bit farther in time.  I also found the poem wanting a post-industrial setting.  I'm not sure if Cinderella lived happily ever after or not.

Editor’s Note:  All poets are rebels.  Some even live a rebel lifestyle, but most do so only through their words.  This poem should resonate well with all the true and wannabe rebels out there.  

The poem has a strong beginning, setting the reader up for an avant-garde experience and pleasing the ears with its inter-line rhyme on "-ash".  The narrative of the poem does not disappoint, and the ending is also strong.  I particularly like the "dead skin" metaphor three lines from the end and the intra-line rhyme in the penultimate line.  The final line speaks volumes.

Enjoy a video of Cracker performing “Euro-trash Girl” here

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