Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Seed Of Summer" by Alessio Zanelli, Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

Seed Of Summer
Alessio Zanelli 

Exploring the hills,
striving to clear a passage
through scrubs and clumps of nettles.

Dog rose and bramble trying
to either tangle me or sting me off.

Seeking shelter from the sun
on long-unmaintained footpaths
up the steepest slopes.

suddenly still to recover breath,
leant on a chestnut tree
in the ancient wood of the Valley of Silence.

Even in the thickest shade
the soil looks just short of dry.

Seed of summer’s fallen
deep into the ground,
taken solid root,
risen up then sprouted forth.

The wyvern’s ready on the loose,
chasing clouds away
to distant mountain ranges
north of the Asiago Plateau.

Poet’s Notes:  This one is a simple, descriptive poem written after a long walk in the hills south of Vicenza in northern Italy, where I found myself nearly lost and during which I could perceive the first glimmerings of the forthcoming summer, often so hot, over the Pianura Padana--the broad floodplain of River Po. 

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